Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Its been 8 months since I've posted. Instead of apologizing, I want to share a story of something fun that happened today:

I don't listen to a lot of Christian music but I was listening to Air 1 on the way to work and the deejays got on said they are doing a competition and wanted to take the 5th caller to call in and tell a story of a time when they were down and something encouraged them or lifted them up. I didn't really think about it but dialed in and they answered. I asked if they wanted to hear my story and they said "yes, you're caller #5!"

So I told a story about a time in college when life was really bad and I was really down. My friend Christy came over with a boom box and worship CDs and said she knew I was too tired to worship God so she was going to worship God for me. I said it showed me that God does care and that I'm not alone, that there was someone to stand in the gap for me and bring me to God...

The lady deejay got choked up! They thanked me for sharing my story and said they are sending me two cds from the band Seabird. (Beacause Seabird has a songs, "Don't you know you're beautiful" and the competition is called that. Well, I got to work and looked them up (never heard of them before) and I really like them!!

I am now entered to win a trip for 2 to Cinci to eat dinner with them and have a private concert! So fun. I find out Friday if I win.

As I pulled up to work, I got to hear me tell the story to the air waves! It was really fun. After we got off the air, the deejay asked how Tulsa was reacting to Oral's passing and I said how I actually work at ORU and we talked about how people are taking it.

When I told him I am from Tulsa, he said "don't hate the 9-1-8!" (our area code is 918) Haha.

Just wanted to share this fun thing that happend- brightened my whole day.

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