Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Its been 8 months since I've posted. Instead of apologizing, I want to share a story of something fun that happened today:

I don't listen to a lot of Christian music but I was listening to Air 1 on the way to work and the deejays got on said they are doing a competition and wanted to take the 5th caller to call in and tell a story of a time when they were down and something encouraged them or lifted them up. I didn't really think about it but dialed in and they answered. I asked if they wanted to hear my story and they said "yes, you're caller #5!"

So I told a story about a time in college when life was really bad and I was really down. My friend Christy came over with a boom box and worship CDs and said she knew I was too tired to worship God so she was going to worship God for me. I said it showed me that God does care and that I'm not alone, that there was someone to stand in the gap for me and bring me to God...

The lady deejay got choked up! They thanked me for sharing my story and said they are sending me two cds from the band Seabird. (Beacause Seabird has a songs, "Don't you know you're beautiful" and the competition is called that. Well, I got to work and looked them up (never heard of them before) and I really like them!!

I am now entered to win a trip for 2 to Cinci to eat dinner with them and have a private concert! So fun. I find out Friday if I win.

As I pulled up to work, I got to hear me tell the story to the air waves! It was really fun. After we got off the air, the deejay asked how Tulsa was reacting to Oral's passing and I said how I actually work at ORU and we talked about how people are taking it.

When I told him I am from Tulsa, he said "don't hate the 9-1-8!" (our area code is 918) Haha.

Just wanted to share this fun thing that happend- brightened my whole day.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

last day

Today is my last day of work. Here is how it’s gone so far:

My ride was supposed to pick me up at 7:25. It is pouring rain. I go out to the curb at 7:25 (b/c I can't see the parking lot from our apartment). I wait in the pouring, blowing rain until 7:35 and call him 3 times. He does not pick up. It wouldn’t usually matter except we only have one car this week and Kyle was supposed to take it to work. So I go back in the house; wake up Kyle and tell him that my ride has forgotten me. He gets ready really fast and I drive him to work (since we just have one car), getting him there at 8:20 (40 minutes early for him). I then drove to work and got here at 9:15... an hour and 15 minutes late for my last day. What are they going to do, fire me?

There’s a little more to add to the story but I’m afraid it’s not appropriate to post in a blog that anyone/everyone can read…

Monday, March 9, 2009


This time last week, I was offered a job at my alma mater, Oral Roberts University. I accepted and will be the new Visitation Coordinator for Admissions at ORU.

Kyle and I have been waiting for the right time to start looking for jobs in Tulsa, and this kind of fell in my lap after an email update I received from the alumni office about ORU’s new president. My last day at work at Asbury will be Wednesday, March 25. We’re heading out to my parents’ in CO for a few days, then will come back, pack up and head to Tulsa on Friday, April 3. My first day at my new job will be Monday, April 6.

As much as I’m looking forward to this new chapter (and I really am!), it is proving to be very hard to begin our goodbyes. Yesterday at church was the first time it really sank in. While I was holding babies and holding back tears in the nursery during the second service, a thought occurred to me: It is better that it is hard for us to leave Kentucky, than if it were easy to leave. It is bittersweet to leave, but better than having the mentality that I’m relieved to get the heck out of here. It is proof that we have invested our lives and hearts into this community.

It almost seems surreal to be heading back “home.” My heart is so happy to be going to a place that gives me so much life, and it’s almost been too much to take in. I think I’m a little “whelmed” by all the details of a move… but it’s coming together piece by piece.