Monday, October 27, 2008

Baby's First Blog

As my 28th birthday approaches, I've decided it's high time I started a blog. Of course, I've had my reservations: who would want to read what I write, what if I don't keep up with it? But I've thrown caution to the wind and created a blog.

The title of my blog is In the Meantime, which has been a theme for my life the past few years. Along with most Americans, I have the propensity to always be looking forward to what is next in my life and I don’t appreciate where I am right now.

As it goes, we can’t wait to get out of high school and go on to college. We rush through college, eager to enter the “real world.” We feel like we won’t be happy until we’re married. And then on to fulfillment through kids, a good job, a better job, or fill in the blank: whatever it is that will make our lives complete. But what would happen if we found ourselves complete in the meantime? How would our lives look if we found meaning and fulfillment and purpose in our everyday activities, tasks, and responsibilities? How would my life look if I found meaning and fulfillment and purpose in my everyday activities, tasks, and responsibilities?

I find myself living in a perpetual 'meantime' in so many ways. This blog will document my journey of living in the meantime.


HipHome said...

YEAH!!!! I am so excited to read :)

HipHome said...

AND...I am the first (and the second) person to comment on your blog. Do I get a prize?