Sunday, June 26, 2011


*Disclaimer: I keep wanting to find things to write about that are not baby-centered but I can’t come up with anything. I didn’t want to be one of those people who can talk about nothing but their baby. But I spend all day and all night feeding, burping, changing and loving Liam so he’s naturally going to be the main topic of this blog in the foreseeable future.

The book, Babywise, is in my head. I read it when I was pregnant and even typed up several pages of notes on it, if that gives you an insight into my personality. I wanted to read everything I could before Liam was born so I’d be prepared. It’s a good book (but I like Baby Whisperer better) and there are some points I really like:
~ Make sure baby gets a full feeding every time so he’s not just snacking and wanting to eat again in 20 minutes (missing the “hindmilk” if he doesn’t nurse long enough).
~ Follow a pattern of Eat, Awake Time, Sleep so they can get used to going to sleep on their own and not expect to be nursed to sleep when they are toddlers.

But the book says that Baby should be eating every three hours during the day and that’s where my problem lies. Liam has been eating every 2 or 2.5 hours during the day. But the books says he should eat every THREE hours. I’m a pretty structured person, so when someone says three hours, I expect three hours. But in this case, A+B is not equaling C and its gotten to me! I keep making declarations that I won’t worry about the clock and just feed him when he’s hungry. But then I start looking at the clock again. Kyle and I react to the three-hour suggestion differently:

My reaction- “Liam’s hungry. What time is it? Oh, no, its only been 2 hours and thirty minutes! Maybe I can hold him off with the pacifier. Its supposed to be three hours and its only been 2 hours and thirty minutes. The pacifier isn’t working. But it supposed to be three hours and now its only been 2 hours and thirty-one minutes!” This is what goes through my head each time.

Kyle’s reaction- “Liam’s hungry? Well feed him.”

I wish I could unwind my brain. I want to write a book on infants. This is what it will say:

Feed Baby when he’s hungry, change his diaper when its dirty, and love the socks off him.
The End


Erica said...

I love this post. I seriously had a conversation with some girls this morning about the same situation. I think as a mom you are doing the best thing by feeding your baby when he is hungry and not ignoring his cries. As he gets older, you will be able to try the 3 hours schedule. I'm not a mom yet, so I guess my advice is not of much help, but I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Sears baby books. He is a firm believer of nurturing versus the cry it out method. I have also heard great things about the baby whisperer. I'll have to check it out. said...

I didn't read babywise, but Abby did and the eat, awake time, sleep thing works! as for the feeding every 3 hours thing...we fed Eli every 2.5 hours.

Abby Wilkinson said...

Love the post Court! Aaron is right, we do what is best for Eli. If he is hungry we feed him, but if he is content we wait for the 3 hours. Our Pediatrician just told me that if he is eating 5 times a day you are doing fine and if he eats more that is fine as well. Just so he is growing regularly.

The bottom line is we are all going to do what is best for our baby regardless of what a book says.

Miss you and love you!

Carissa said...

courtney - i totally wish i had read this post earlier. i had the EXACT same experience with gabe. i had received the BabyWise book from a woman whom I see as admirable in her mothering pursuits, and she had raved about the book. but, when gabe wanted to eat after 2-2.5 hours and the book said 3 it TOTALLY stressed me out. eventually (it was a long eventually, like 2ish months) i reminded myself that i don't usually go by the book anyway, and that i could truly trust my own judgement. that first chapter in the BabyWise book is so convincing, though, i wanted to whole thing to work. it didn't - but gabe is GREAT!