Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sugar Detox: Day 2

So far, so good with the sugar detox. I have moments where I really want some dark chocolate or pizza (of course), but for the most part, I don't feel completely deprived or defeated. Not to say I don't want donuts or coffee with cream, but I'd say it's not been as hard as I anticipated, probably because I knew it would only be for 3 days. I can do anything for three days.

I've been reading more and gaining more of an understanding how sugar and caffeine affect our bodies and am wondering if I should cut out caffeine next. I've read blogs and actual medical studies about caffeine and low back pain, and eliminating caffeine can cause drastic reduction of pain for some people. What if I was one of those people?! It's worth finding out, for sure. After this three day sugar detox, I think I'll reintroduce small amounts of grains, fruit and dairy (I didn't consume lots of dairy before, but the stuff I did have, I miss!) and consider giving up caffeine for a while. It's kind of a hard time to think about cutting caffeine, with summer camps starting Monday at work, so I really want to weigh the cost/benefit to cutting it or reducing it at the busiest time of the year for me.

I ate just about the same stuff today as yesterday, but for a snack today I had tuna salad (canned white tuna in water, chopped dill pickle, mustard) on cucumber slices and it was really good. We're having broiled tilapia and grape tomatoes tonight with roasted asparagus and steamed edamame with sea salt. Might roast some broccoli and cauliflower with the asparagus.

So far, not seeing any difference with my pain level or concentration, but wasn't expecting anything yet. Time will tell. But, in the meantime, I feel good about fueling my body with fresh, whole, healthy food.

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