Saturday, April 9, 2011

I saw these pregnancy questions on a friend’s blog and thought I’d use them for this post.

How far along?
35 weeks, 6 days (I’ll be 36 weeks on Monday)

How big is the baby?
“Average” for right now is 5lbs, 4oz- about the size of a honeydew melon. He was measuring 5lbs, 12 oz almost two weeks ago. My doctor called him a hoss!

Weight gain?
I’m up 8 pounds from my starting weight (but some of that is due to the fact that I lost 10 pounds the first 21 weeks from being so sick!). I’m sure I’ve gained more since my last weigh-in (10 days ago) because I’ve been eating constantly!

Stretch Marks?
None so far. I read that stretch marks are inevitable if you’re going to get them. Some people get them, some don’t. Still crossing my fingers though J

Best moment of the week?
We went over to some friends’ house for dinner last night. It was so nice to sit outside and just talk and feel normal. It was the best I’d felt all week and was just a fun time.

Oh, I have another “best moment:” I talked to my supervisors at work on Monday and they are letting me work from home in the afternoons. I really think this is going to help me make it until I go into labor. Most of what I do during the week is on the computer or phone, so its working out well and I get to sit on the couch and put my feet up while I work. I can’t explain what a difference this makes in how I feel physically and emotionally.

Food and cravings?
I could eat ice cream all day, every day. This isn’t much different from pre-pregnancy, but I sometimes give in because you don’t get a good excuse like this very often!

Liam is still moving a lot, especially when I lay down. Its crazy to see a foot or elbow slide from one side of my belly to another! He’s still sitting transverse (side to side instead of head down) and we’re praying he moves head down so I won’t have to have a c-section. I know they’re not the end of the world, but I’ve always wanted to at least try a natural, non-medicated birth. After 17 hours of birthing classes (spread over 7 weeks), I want to at least be able to try!

What I miss?
I miss feeling as independent as I usually do. I’ve been having to rely on Kyle for almost everything- he’s been cleaning, doing the grocery shopping and lots more the past few weeks. Its so hard not to feel like a lazy slug when I’m sitting on the couch and he’s cleaning. He’s been so good about it and doesn’t make me feel bad, but I still feel a little bad. We’re trying to let the baby bake a little longer and I have cramping and contractions whenever I stand or walk, so I’m supposed to be “resting”. Resting is very hard for this multi-tasker. Normally, even when I watch TV, I get up every commercial to do something productive. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to learn from this, but I hope I’m learning it!

Belly Button?
Still in. My mom’s never popped out so I’ve decided that this is genetics, too.

Looking forward to?
The doctor appointment on Tuesday. Its always so fun to hear his little heart beat like a hummingbird and get to ask questions. I’m also looking forward to a little shower that the staff at church is throwing for Kyle & me after Staff Lunch on Tuesday.

Well, today is April 9th and we’re due on May 9th, so this seems like a milestone. We’ll be 4 weeks out on Monday (b/c April has 30 days).

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K Zig said...

LOVED the questionnaire and I love that your job is letting you work from home in the afternoons...that must be heavenly being so close to your due date! And what a great husband you have that takes such good care of you...can't wait to see pics of Liam 'the Hoss' Westfall :-)